Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fave Five

Susanne at Living to Tell hosts this weekly meme. If you want to play along, you can link your own Friday Fave Five post to hers by using the Mr. Linky-thingy at the end of her blog post.

After a week of vacation and fun, re-entry to normal life is hard -- and seems to be getting harder as I get older. On top of that, I had a major proposal due yesterday -- no ifs, ands, or buts about the deadline. I made it with about 3 hours to spare.

But I really am endeavoring to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Participating in this weekly meme helps me do that, so here we go!

My five favorite things about this past week are:

1. I have a job. So many are looking for work and want to work, and there just isn't much out there -- at least, there isn't much available in our area. My own position looks to be set for at least another 5 years, and I am thanking God for that every day.

2. Our new bathroom (basement level) is almost done. Yay! (Okay, yes it means a third bathroom to clean, but it also means that the inside of our house is nearly finished -- just some cosmetic stuff left to do after this new bathroom is completed.)

3. It didn't snow much this week.

4. Just found out that my daughter, Abigail, is now a Facebook friend to her third cousin, also named Abigail. The girls have never met. (I've never met the other Abigail, either, actually.) But what fun!! I still think it's very interesting that my cousin, Karen, and I -- unknowingly -- both named our daughters Abigail.

5. Through someone else's blog (Joyce, I think?), I found an online "Read the Bible in a year" website -- and I'm going to do just that. Prior to this, I've been daunted by trying to take in and understand that much Scripture inside of a year. I tend to read small sections and think about them for a long time. But this year I'm not going to strive to understand each and every thing that I read. Instead I'm going to let it wash over me like water, and I'll get from it whatever God would have me get.

Have a great weekend!

- Catherine


Joyce said...

Lots to be thankful for...have a wonderful weekend!

Barbara H. said...

I am glad for your job! It's good that it looks stable.

We used to live in a house with three bathrooms. I loved it, even with having an extra to clean.

I've been doing just the opposite as you with Bible reading. I read it through in a year several times, but the last couple of years I've been still reading it through, but taking it in smaller chunks. I think it does help to go back and forth that way, sometimes getting the big picture, sometimes examining smaller bits.

I just saw on your sidebar that your mother passed away. My heart goes out to you -- my mom passed away in December four years ago. The ache does ease over the years. I love the verse you have there. One that someone sent me that ministered to me was Psalm 119:76: "Let, I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant."

Carrie said...

The Abigail thing is a pretty fun discovery! =)

YAY on home remodeling projects being almost finished! I know how that feels!

Have a great weekend! Happy FFF to you!

elizabeth said...

I do the same Bible reading plan you do. I first did it year before last, then last year decided to concentrate more on Bible studies rather than daily reading. What I discovered is that I really missed the daily reading! So this year I'll be doing both the reading and the studies. Really the daily reading doesn't take that long and I find that I think of it at little moments during the day.

Willow said...

I've done the Bible reading plan you mentioned two different years. I found it really helpful to see the 'big picture'. This year, as I mentioned in my FFF, I'm doing the Daily Readings for the Church Year, which is the first time for me.

I concur with your #1. I'm just thankful to have a paycheck!

Have a Happy Weekend!

ellen b said...

Great faves Catherine! How fun for the Abigails to facebook with each other! Glad your job is secure for the next 5 years...
Enjoy your almost completed house!! :0)

Susanne said...

Not having to worry about your job is a huge blessing. Have you ever shared what it is that you do? I don't seem to remember.

Renovations are a pain to live through but the results are always so wonderful. Enjoy yours!

Funny about the girls and naming them. And I didn't realize that that Karen was your cousin.

I'm doing the chronological read through the bible from that same site. It's amazing how just reading the word will get your heart responding to hearing from the Lord. I'm starting to do it with a pen and journal in hand there is just so much that jumps out to speak to my heart.

Brenda said...

Nice that you will have another bathroom in the house now, I don't know how people ever got by with just one!

Lots of people are commenting on web based Bible reading plans, I will have to check one out myself.

Laura said...

Letting the Word wash over you like water...I love that!

FFF's are great -- they make us realize all we have to be thankful for.

bensrib said...

Amen to all of them! We had another couple inches of snow this morning (gag) and I'm already ready for spring. I've actually read the Bible through in a year nine times, but haven't for the last few years. This year I'm doing it again. It's amazing how much you pick up and then remember the next time around. Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little . . . keep at it.

Karyn said...

I'm amazed at how many people have made a goal to read the Bible through in a year - myself included. I am like you - I prefer to read small amounts and think on what I've read rather than read just to read...but I am going to give it a try this year to read the whole thing...and still take time to think about short passages.

Facebook does connect you to long lost family members, doesn't it?