Monday, January 18, 2010

The color of my life

We've been renovating and remodeling our Pocatello house for the last couple of years. Prior to that, we freshened up the Salt Lake City condo before selling it in 2007. So we have a lot of leftover paint in the basement.

The last paint job was about a year ago, when my husband finished my office in the basement. We are, once again, ready to paint -- the doors that belong on the closet in my office, and that need to be reinstalled so they can be removed from the storage room in the basement (to make way for other things, of course).

As always, Tim wants to do this while I am away, so he goes to the basement storage room to look for the correct color the day that I leave for San Francisco. That night we talk on the phone.

Tim to me, speaking from the storage room: What color did we paint your office last year?

Me: Isn't it Cottage White like the living room and the kitchen?

Tim: I don't have any Cottage White left. What room did we paint Mirage White? I have some of that left.

Me: I have no clue where that might have been used. What color is Mirage White?

Tim: I also have Bridal Veil White. What's that from?

Me: Ah! That's the ceiling in the living room. It was also the ceiling in the living room of the SLC condo.

Tim: I have a gallon and a half of Natural Linen. Did we paint your office Natural Linen? (he asked hopefully since he has a gallon and a half of it).

Me: No. Natural Linen is what we painted the walls of the condo before we sold it.

Tim: I don't have any Cottage White and I don't think that's the color on the walls of your office. Was it Cinnamon Cake?

Me: I don't know. What color is Cinnamon Cake?

Tim, sighing deeply: I guess I have to go to Home Depot, gather some paint swatches, and try to figure out what color we painted your office last year.

Me: You do that.

Tim: By the way, the kitchen isn't Cottage White like the living room.

Me: It's not? Then what color is it? I thought we'd planned to paint the living room and kitchen walls the same color. And you need the same color for the front room off the kitchen, when we're ready to paint that

Tim: I don't know. But it's not Cottage White.

As of this writing, neither of us really has any idea what color we used in my office, although I still think it was.... Cottage White.

- Catherine

PS -- update: it was Mirage White. Who knew?

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Joyce said...

Well at least you now know what you've got! The people we bought our house from left all the paint very nicely labeled by room in the basement. We've only painted one room and that was with a new color. My husband has touched up some of the other paint but it was a good paint job and we liked the colors so not too much painting yet. I would like to paint the bedrooms (all but ours) but there are a few (hundred) things on the list ahead of that : )