Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Night Pizza

If you follow my blog, then you know that my husband has celiac and that eating out in restaurants is something of a challenge. Trying to get good gluten-free pizza at a restaurant is an absolute impossibility.

Until now.

We have a new Italian restaurant in Pocatello. It's called Riggio's.

I'm pretty picky about Italian food because I grew up in New Jersey -- where we think Olive Garden is superfluous because there are great mom-and-pop Italian eateries everywhere in the State.

Tonight, at Riggio's, I was more than just pleasantly surprised. Tonight, at Riggio's, I was nothing short of amazed. We went for pizza because we'd heard they had a gluten-free pizza that was supposed to be really good.

It was better than "really good."  It was IN-CRED-I-BLE. Flat out amazing. Delicious beyond belief!

We started with an appetizer of baked brie -- best I've had anywhere at any time, and I've had brie in some pretty great restaurants in this country. The cook offered to do it without the puff pastry, in deference to my husband's celiac, and then the cook went the extra mile by baking a gluten free pizza crust with olive oil and cutting it into chips that could be eaten with the brie.  Marvelous!

I had a sausage, mushroom and onion pizza that was actually as good as the pizza I remember from NJ. Tim had a sausage and mushroom pizza on the gluten free crust and it was excellent - you just about couldn't tell the difference.  #7 had a taco pizza -- that would never have been my choice but he loved it.

#7 also discovered that he likes brie with roasted garlic.

My food bill just went up.

We finished off the evening at the local Farr's Ice Cream -- where a one-scoop cone of excellent ice cream costs a whole $1.00.

Friday nights don't get much better than this.

- Catherine

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Christy said...

That sounds like an excellent Friday night!