Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The update on Fair week

The State Fair is proceeding as usual. There are rodeos, tractor pulls, cotton candy, produce competitions, canning competitions, concerts, horse-racing, rides, 4H and FFA competitions, tons of show animals, and lots of people. 

It's a traditional State Fair in an agricultural state, and I must say that I really do love it.

Our fish and chips booth is doing well, although overall sales for all the vendors (including us) are down a little bit.  At last year's Fair the recession didn't seem to matter to anyone -- we actually did record-breaking business last year.  But this year, after 12 months of cutting back and pinching pennies, people are definitely purchasing less.  Can't say I blame them, really.  We're doing the same in our family.

But overall, we are happy with how it's going at the booth. We've had fun working together. We've joked about the grease (which is everywhere) and the tasks at hand. We've commiserated about the smell of our clothing when we get home and the overwhelming need for a shower as soon as you walk in your door after your shift. It's a good experience, whether sales are up or down.

The Fair isn't over yet, so there is more to come!

- Catherine

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Joyce said...

We missed you in the Random Dozen this week but sounds like you've been busy. Glad its going well.

So, do you not eat fish and chips for a few months afterwards?? : ) I bet the cooking scent stays in your brain for a while.