Monday, September 27, 2010

In which I am STILL sick

Every day since Thursday I have presented different symptoms of the same virus. On Friday my muscles hurt and I actually strained one from coughing so hard due to the post-nasal drip.

God gave me a reprieve on Saturday for our church's Women's Retreat (at which I was worship leader). I coughed some, but I felt well all day.

He continued giving me a voice for Sunday morning (where, again, I was worship leader). I felt really unwell and actually had very little speaking voice, but I could sing.

And then, since yesterday afternoon, I've just been unwell.  Today I have a speaking voice again, but my head is filled up and . . . after HOW many days? . . . I now have a sore throat.


Medicinal homemade chicken-onion soup -- made with Chipotle Chili Pepper -- is on today's menu (as it was for last night), along with more Vitamin C and some herbal preparations.

This had better be over soon {she said darkly}.

- Catherine


Joyce said...

Have you seen a dr yet? I say, go to bed and don't come out til you're well. I think women especially try to do too much when they're sort of feeling better and we pay for it later. Take care!

Christy said...

What Joyce said!