Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to life

Okay, the NFL season has officially begun and I am a happy camper.  Sundays are happy days during football season since the whole family likes to hunker down and watch. Together. I like the "together" part especially well.

I did see one game today, but only one (this evening).  Today was the dreaded Sunday cleaning of the Fair booth, getting it ready for winter storage now that the Fair is over (it ended last night). 

Those fryers are disgusting, let me tell you. And the grease is so hard by the end of the week that it takes a razor blade to get it off. 

Totally gross.

Glad it's over.

The weather for the Fair didn't cooperate very well -- Wednesday was cold and cloudy, Thursday was cold and rainy.  Sales were down across the board anyway, due to the recession, but those two days were just pathetic.  That said, we had a record-breaking day at the very last, and so the week was salvaged somewhat.

And now, we return to our regularly scheduled life, and I am excited as all get out. 

Because organizing my life excites me and gets me going.  I'm a geek that way.

PLUS we've got a move coming up in the next month, so I've got carpets to clean and all kinds of things to do in that area. The reward will be a bigger house and a huge back yard. Wahoo!

PLUS I've decided that since my new home has ample storage shelves in the basement and a huge pantry closet on the main floor, I will resume canning next year.

"Resume" is a relative term since I haven't actually done any canning in about 25 years.  But that's okay. There is always the Internet for resources and information, and there is probably a "home canning for dummies" kind of book somewhere. 

Soooo -- tomorrow my life gets going on its regular schedule again.  Ye-es!

- Catherine


Joyce said...

Welcome back to life : ) We love hunkering down to watch football too. Tonite we have tix to see the Ravens/Jets game...should be lots of fun.

Have a great week!

bensrib said...

I think "hunker down" is a northeast Yankee saying. My husband says it all the time.