Monday, January 31, 2011

Of all the things I've ever lost ....

.... I miss my mind the most.

That's one of my favorite bumper sticker/kitchen magnet sayings.

I recently visited with my similarly aged sister-in-law, and together we commiserated on the loss of the mental acuity that we once enjoyed. I used to be smart, but most days I feel stupid. I can no longer multi-task with any ease. I don't learn from reading words as readily as I once did. And I've become intimidated by what, at the outset, seem to be complex tasks.

And, of course, I can't find anything, even if it's out in the open. And forget finding it if I put it away in a "safe place." I once lost a stash of some $900.00 in cash!  It finally turned up months later in a container that, to this day, I've no idea why I used for saving money.

Today an old friend of mine -- we've known each other since just about birth, which may be why I can still remember her so vividly .... where was I ...?  

Oh yes, an old friend of mine sent this video via email.

I am happy to share the laugh with those of you who understand.

Whomever you may be (I forget).

- Catherine


Joyce said...

Oh my word-I loved this. I put it on my facebook...thanks!

bensrib said...

Right there with you. Too funny!