Monday, January 17, 2011

The Day that is not Off

We don't get today as a holiday in our establishment -- because my employers give everyone the entire week between Christmas and New Year's every year.

So I will be working just as soon as this most exciting and extremely random blog post is published.

It looks like we will have some sun today -- a miracle in this winter of gloomy, gloomy weather. The temperatures climbed above freezing a few days ago, and the mud is once again plentiful. The back yard squelches underfoot.

The Christmas tree needs to come down. Company is coming for dinner tonight, so it's pretty certain that the Christmas tree will, indeed, come down today. I'd like to help but I have to work. And my husband has mad packing and storage skills and doesn't welcome my interference when it comes to deciding how best to put away all the decorations.  I will leave him to it.

I need a recipe for beef brisket, so if anyone has a good recipe, please send it to me. I've never cooked brisket before and I hear it's marvelous when done well!  As always, I'm game to try something new.

That's the randomness and excitement for today.

You're welcome.

- Catherine


bensrib said...

I have a good one from my Jewish grandmother. I'll try very hard to remember to send it to you. All you need is a brisket (I do a half now that most of my kids are gone), bottled chili sauce, an onion, a bay leaf, and salt and pepper. Oh, heck, I'm halfway so I'll just finish. Put the brisket fat-side-up in a 13x9 pan. Brown in a very hot (500°) oven for 20 minutes or so. Take it out, mix half a bottle of chili sauce with water and pour over brisket. Salt and pepper, throw the bay leaf in a corner, and cut the onion in quarters and throw them in. Cover tightly with foil. Bake at 325°for 2 or 3 hours (more for a whole brisket). When done, slice across the grain and try not to drool while you're doing it.

Abigail Catherine said...

Bahahaaa -- "Mad packing and storage skills." I love how you used the adjective "mad". And the "You're welcome" gave me another laugh, too. xoxo

Joyce said...

I cook brisket often in my crock pot (best way for this cut of meat in my opinion or long and slow in the oven). I put the meat in my crock pot, sprinkle one packet dry Lipton Onion Soup mix on top, add 1/4 cup water and cook all day. It literally falls apart with a fork.

I make my veggies separately-it needs mashed potatoes because the gravy is divine. Sometimes I thicken and sometimes I just serve it au jus. We all love this meal!

Susan said...

Wish I knew how to cook beef brisket!! I hope this comment finds you well and enjoying your week. I love it that you are not the only one that has Christmas stuff up still.

:-) Susan