Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday

1. Will you watch the Super Bowl? If so who will you root for? If you are outside the USA what is the 'big deal sporting event' in your own country?  I will definitely be watching the Super Bowl, however there is a real dilemma about who to root for. I like both teams, with perhaps a small preference for Green Bay. But Number 7 is a diehard Steelers fan and may not allow me in the family room unless I promise to cheer on the "right" side of the battle.  Sigh.

2. Is ignorance bliss?  YES! As I have aged, I've discovered that very often, ignorance about the goings on immediately around me really is bliss. That said, I read voraciously and communicate frequently with the world, so in that regard, my heartfelt sentiment is NO, ignorance is not bliss. 

3. Which of the seven dwarfs are you? (and just in case your Disney is a little bit rusty, here they are-Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy)  Grumpy and Sneezy (just couldn't keep it to one, could I?).

4. When you are riding in the car with another couple how do you organize the seating? (Men up front? Women up front? Couples sit together?) And thanks to Lori at Mountain Woman at Heart for the question! Everyone go say hi to Lori. Hi, Lori!  It depends on who is in the car. With couples our age, it's usually seating by couples. With my parents-in-law, it's seating by gender.

5. What is beauty? An inner or innate quality that is completely compelling.

6. If someone asks you to bring an appetizer or a dessert to a party in their home, which would you choose? Parmesan/artichoke dip (heated).

7. What is your crowd pleasing go-to appetizer? Parmesan/artichoke dip (heated). As much as I love to cook, appetizers are not my favorite thing to prepare, for some reason. This dip is easy.

8. Insert your own random thought here. Randomly speaking, I've decided that I would love to own a small apartment in Washington DC so that I could visit this lovely city anytime I wanted to.
Thank you, Joyce! Another set of good ones!
- Catherine


VandyJ said...

Your dip sounds really good. We have a minor loyalty to the Steelers but close friends who are Packers fans. Since we really don't have a team we root for all the time we just hope it's a good game.

Joyce said...

I love the dip and will definitely be making it for my party. I love appetizers and could make a meal of them.

Nanato4 said...

I've never had parmesan/artichoke dip. But that sounds absolutely wonderful! Yummy!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!