Friday, January 28, 2011

Raising Charley

For your reading pleasure, today's blog post is in free verse form. I've no idea why. That's just how it started and kept on going.

Charley gets up at three (a.m.) to pee
He's quite big now, but the puppy-sized bladder 
still won't hold it for long
Then, if we're lucky, he will settle back down 
for a three-hour nap with Tim
If we're not lucky
then the day has begun.

Charley's day begins in a frenzy
All teeth and barks and romping around
Two cups of dog food are scarfed down 
as though he is starving
In and out and in and out the back door
He cannot make up his little mind
where to play.

Ever concerned for my rugs
I let him in and out 
and in and out the back door
Because Charley is not completely trained

Three months old, Charley is enormous and larger than life 
When breakfast is served, he jumps and turns in circles of delight
Someday soon he's going to clunk his head on the table
I just know it
Charley loves a good gladiator romp
with Hank
Hank does not.

As he grows
Charley's body is always out of proportion
His legs are still short
Which makes him cute
And his little back legs now move independently
Instead of the puppy scamper
That I loved so much.

When darkness falls, Charley needs comfort.
Mama's feet
Daddy's lap
Anywhere that he can snuggle before bedtime
and kennel are announced.
And the day is over.

Charley-on-a-Harley is what I've taken to calling him. It fits.

- Catherine


Nanato4 said...

Sweet Charley! Although I imagine he's not "sweet Charley" those mornings he's not ready to settle back down for a 3AM "nap". ;-)

Joyce said...

Puppies are a lot of trouble but they are oh so sweet!

Abigail Catherine said...

Hahahaa... nice read before bed, Mama. It made me smile! Love you. xoxo