Friday, January 7, 2011

The Big Easy

I'm in New Orleans for perhaps the fifth or sixth time in my life -- for a conference, as always.   This is not my favorite city, but it is quite fascinating. (And I don't have a camera with me -- so no snaps this time around.)

The hotel that I chose is a few blocks farther than usual from the main conference action, but no matter where I stay, nothing changes the required pilgrimage to Crescent City Books on Chartres Street. I went there on my very first day at the earliest opportunity. As always, I had to pare down my numerous book selections to a combination that would cost $20 or less. 

Three luscious, out-of-print books later, I was a very happy camper.

As I always am when I leave Crescent City Books.

It's simply got the best selection of used books I've ever encountered in the nation.

And long may it live.

(I dare not go back before I leave New Orleans again because my willpower would be significantly weakened by a second visit.)

Today is a peerless day of blue skies, warm sunshine, and 66 degree weather. With a gentle breeze to top it all off. Very different from the 25 degrees and gloomy stuff that I left behind in Pocatello.

I had lunch at the famous Acme Oyster House (fried oysters for me - I'm not a huge fan of raw seafood). it was interesting to watch the oyster shuckers at work behind the oyster bar. I wish I could have understood their conversation, but it was a bit noisy in the restaurant and it's hard to follow the New Orleans accent if you're not used to it. After lunch I had a lovely ramble in the French Quarter, this time walking in areas more residential than commercial -- a welcome respite from the constant noise and activity of the area between Bourbon Street and the river. The houses were colorful and interesting, the streets quiet. The air was soft and lovely and I drank in every bit of Vitamin D that I could as I walked along.

And now, mightily refreshed, it's on to the next conference session.

Y'all have a great weekend now!

- Catherine


Nanato4 said...

New Orleans is not my favorite city either, but as you said, it's quite fascinating and I always enjoy my visits.

I think it's been 10-12 years since I've visited NOLA, and I would like to get back some time in the near future.

Have another fried oyster for me! Love 'em!


Susan said...

Have a binet' for me!! Hope you're well...and find things to enjoy there. I know it's not my favorite city, but there ARE gems within it. :-) Susan