Friday, March 19, 2010

Slacker blogger yet again

I have been a slacker yet again. My last post was just a few lines of update, and that's about all I have for today, too.

It's been a busy week in our household. I'm starting into the time of year when my work schedule is heaviest and there are many balls to juggle in the air.

One of the dear ladies of our church went home to be with her Lord unexpectedly and we had a funeral luncheon to prepare yesterday. As always, we're glad she's gone home to Paradise, but we sure will miss her here.

I've been savoring the time to talk and talk and talk with my daughter (#4, that is). It's wonderful to have her here and to be together again, even if just for a little while. She leaves for New Jersey, where her father lives, on March 30, but she'll be back with us for the month of June and part of July again. After that... well, we'll see....

#7 has gone on a much-anticipated Spring Break trip to the Midwest with his mother and stepdad. Not only will he visit with family while out there, but he'll be playing with his school basketball team in the national championships in Indianapolis! To say that he is excited about this trip would be an understatement. His team won two regional tournaments this winter and their hard work during the season earned them a berth in the nationals. Go Royals!

Have a great weekend!

- Catherine


Susanne said...

Sorry about the passing of your friend from church.

Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

Susan said...

Sounds like you've been busy. I'm glad you got some time for visit with your daughter before she had to go. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.