Monday, March 22, 2010

My friend's fight for her life

As I note on the sidebar of my blog page, I am tracking along with a young friend fighting breast cancer. Lani lives in Nashville, so I do not have the opportunity to participate in person in her life. She is in her mid-30s, with three children, a husband, and a vibrant career as a mathematics education professor. She has generously shared with her friends the feelings, the treatment, the hardships and even the joys of her journey through cancer. At this point in time, she is facing her surgery after a preliminary round of chemo.

Today, I refer you to a guest blog post she wrote about parenting through treatment.

Her own blog is at -- a place where she focuses her energies to help others with cancer.

I'm privileged to count myself among her friends and to track her in prayer daily.

I love you, Lani, and am still standing with you every day. You go, girl!

- Catherine


Susan said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing!

Joyce said...

Wow that was hard to read. She said it well and you could feel her pain. I will add her little family to my prayers...I admire her honesty.