Saturday, March 27, 2010

The purple face

The purple face didn't happen! I have to say that I am astonished and that I am also thanking God for the mercy shown to me and the healing that is taking place already (the wound started itching this afternoon).

 Many, many people prayed for me.  I confess that I was so completely trying to control my emotions during the crisis that I did not cry out to God (yes, I know I should have done otherwise). But my church's prayer chain went into action on my behalf within 20 minutes of the injury, and I do believe that prayer really helped.

I should have had an obviously bruised face today. Black eyes, bruised jaw bone, etc.

But I don't!

Our church hosted a youth retreat this weekend and I was scheduled to play with the worship team Friday night and Saturday morning.  No way I could get there last night (Friday night), what with that lovely mummy bandage and all. And I was bummed.

I woke up this morning feeling reluctant to look in the mirror. I expected the worst. I was amazed. After steaming off the mummy bandage in the shower (in order to get the dried blood unstuck), I saw only the sutures and one teeny bruise at the exact spot where my jaw first impacted the floor. 

That's it.

It doesn't get any better than that, believe me!

I went down to church and played with the worship team for the youth's morning service.

And I've been fine all day!

Thanks be to our God and Father for all His mercies. He has a purpose, and I am grateful.

Thanks, also, to all of you who prayed for me. It was an awesome experience!

- Catherine


Joyce said...

So glad you're doing better!

Susanne said...

Oh my goodness. I had a computer virus on the weekend and didn't really get to get around so missed this. You poor thing. That sounds so painful. I'm really glad for the good report for you! May you continue to heal well and may your family spoil you rotten in the meantime!