Saturday, September 5, 2009

Working at the State Fair

The Eastern Idaho State Fair has started, and the family's food concession booth is off to a good start. Tim's (extended) family has been doing this gig for more than a decade now, and it's become quite an operation. The booth started out all those years ago in a somewhat obscure corner of the fairgrounds, but it is now located on one of the main walkways very near the grandstand. Since that move (about 5 years ago), business has boomed -- helped by the fact that we offer some really good fish (fried salmon, fried cod, fried shrimp, and smoked salmon bagels).

I opened the booth yesterday for pre-fair business -- we had a surprising amount of traffic from the vendors who were setting up their own places and from the 4H families (one kid came twice during the course of the day, and each time he paid for his $8.00 meal with a $50 bill).

I got a really nice surprise today when a high school classmate showed up at our booth. Peter lives an hour away from us, and I "see" him on FB all the time, but I haven't actually seen him in person in about 10 years. So that was really fun to have a mini-reunion, talk for a few minutes and introduce him to my husband.

I'm tired as I write this and I'm afraid I'll have Restless Leg Syndrome tonight; I expect to be completely exhausted when the week is all over.

And... once it IS all over, I will start thinking about when I'm going to drive East to visit my Mom.

- Catherine

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