Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I thought my mother was to have had a doctor's appointment today -- turns out it is next Monday.

She sounded great today on the phone -- well and strong. She IS going to get a 'cleaning lady' finally -- someone to come in every other week and run the vacuum, mop the floors, etc. Her strength just gives out too quickly these days. She daily runs the little 2-lb. cordless sweeper that I sent her so that the surface dirt is taken care of. But the 8-lb. Oreck is too much.

First time in her whole life that she's even considered having someone other than herself do the cleaning of her house.

So, even though she didn't see the doctor, she did have a visit from Hospice today; they are still coming only once a week, though. In answer to my question about frequency of visits, my mother hastened to assure me that the Hospice team is available ANYtime she needs them. But I don't need them right now, she added.

Go, Mom!

- Catherine


Susan said...

It's probably good that she is getting some help. I know there is quite a balance, though, between letting others do for you and doing it yourself. Continuing to pray for her.

Catherine said...

Yes, I'm glad for the help, too -- although I know it's a bit tough for her to admit that she needed it.