Monday, September 14, 2009

End of Summer

The State Fair is over for another year and, finally, our lives are returning to normal after a summer packed full of activity. I’m almost glad to be back on a regular schedule.

The grand tally of condiments that I made for our “Fish and Chips” booth is as follows: fry sauce: 18 gallons; tartar sauce: 18 gallons; cocktail sauce: 10 tubs (7 lbs each); cream cheese spread: 30+ pounds. Today is the first morning that I didn’t wake up thinking “How much do I need to make this morning?” What a relief.

I didn't take one single picture during the Fair this year -- I was too darn busy to even think about it. Sorry 'bout that!

What I’ve learned (besides how to make gallons of fry sauce) is that running a family business is a veritable minefield at times. We survived… with some unpleasant bruising but no loss of life or limb. We can do better. Tim and I learned a lot about that aspect of things this year, in addition to what we learned about the nuts and bolts operation.

A family meeting will be scheduled for this Fall so that we can talk about what to do with this year’s Fair booth proceeds.

I really like the work in the booth – I like talking to the customers and filling orders. 99.8% of the people you encounter are genuinely nice, and there is a great feeling of “hometown” values during the week of the Fair. There are all kinds of competitions and contests – photography, cake decorating, baking, garden produce, livestock (small and large), Junior rodeo, etc., etc., etc. Lots of fun all week for everyone. Plus there are the rides, the concerts, the horse races, and all the various vendors (yes, I bought a crazy looking broom, but I think it will be just the thing to clean the apricot pits from our sidewalk).

Update on my mother: the number of bad days is increasing and I am watching closely to see when I should hit the road to be there with her. The plan is for me to drive this trip (instead of flying) since the length of time I'll be staying is uncertain and I’ll need a car while I’m there.

- Catherine

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