Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh, the mud and the muck

I will not gross you out with pictures today.

But there are muddy pups.

Muddy horses.

Muddy boots.

A muddy driveway (with lingering icy spots just to make the trek to the mailbox interesting).

And muddy footprints.

And when I say "muddy" I mean seriously mucky and disgusting.


I thought we'd have to wait for spring for this kind of muck, but it seems Mother Nature wanted to hurry it up!

Have a fun weekend!  I'll be the one endlessly mopping the floors.

- Catherine


Bill said...

Welcome to life on the farm. LOL

Bill said...

Welcome to life on the farm. It should be something you are used to. LOL

bensrib said...

I bet my mess beats your mess. We are sanding and finishing hardwood floors this weekend. The only rooms not getting done are the bedrooms, laundry room, and bathrooms. We're almost done moving all the furniture into the girls' room and my bedroom. I'm going to use painter's tape around the kitchen cabinets to keep the dust out (I hope) and stuff newspaper under the bedroom doors. I've been dreading this for a year and a half. Please pray for me!