Monday, December 20, 2010

The countdown begins

It's Monday, and just five days left for me to get ready for Christmas.

As I write this, the dogs are wrestling all over the house, moving from room to room, growling and chewing on each other. They've been at it since they got up this morning and I am wishing they had a little less energy, I must say! I thought six-year old Hank would be a bit more circumspect in his conduct, but nooooo . . . he enters into the fray with glee.

The weather continues gloomy, but that cannot deter this devoted wife, mother and friend from her appointed rounds as the countdown ticks on.

Said rounds will commence once hubby returns home with my car. In the meantime, I am working.

Update on the weekend: the dining room and the bedroom are discernible spaces now. Another ten boxes were unpacked and cleared away, so I don't have to go out and slit my wrists after all.  In fact, both rooms are completely box-free, although neither room is actually completely set up and straight yet.

We came home yesterday to discover that a mare we'd quarantined away from the other horses (because she's new to the herd) had been liberated by the Equine Gang of Six somehow. Must have been a real rodeo because the lodge poles were kicked down, the front of the feeding area was kicked in, and the electric fence was snapped in two places. This happened while we were at church, so we really are not sure which of the Gang of Six started it. Such is life on the farm.

Oh, and we had near record precipitation yesterday, mostly in the form of rain. So we now have record amounts of mud everywhere. A brown Christmas for sure!

And that's the beginning of the countdown week!

- Catherine


Nanato4 said...

Glad to hear that you are making good progress on the unpacking.

Wonder if you'll ever figure out how the new mare got out? Strange.

Enjoy this last week leading to Christmas.

Joyce said...

When I read this I think, nope...I am not ready for another puppy yet!! : )