Friday, December 10, 2010

December randomness

Inspired by my cousin, Karen, who has a new camera and cannot stop taking pictures (God bless her, and she's so darn good at it!), I dug out my DSLR (which is nowhere near as fancy as Karen's) and took some shots. 

This is Charley-o at six weeks. In a calm moment on the kitchen floor. Not to be confused with the frenzy of first waking up in the morning and clinging to my pajama leg by his teeth as I walk across the kitchen floor. (I don't think I'm going to take a picture of that moment).

Here's another moment of calm.

The farm is so muddy that you could organize a mud-wrestling tournament in the pasture. The horses have certainly given it their best shot:

And finally, here are random shots of my Christmas Tree -- the one I scored at Home Depot early on Black Friday -- the one that cost me only $49 and came pre-lit and already decorated with berries and pinecones. I added the birds and the ornaments.

I love these cardinals. I dearly miss seeing cardinals in the fir trees during the winter -- we don't have cardinals in the Intermountain West.  But I found these little beauties at JoAnn's Fabric Store and I snapped up a dozen of them.

Hope your weekend is merry and bright!

- Catherine
PS -- yes, I know this is my second blog post for today, but the first was a lot of whining. So here I am again with something fun!


Joyce said...

oooh, I love the birds! I'd like to do a bird tree next year in my sunroom...there are some great bird ornaments out there.

bensrib said...

I love the cardinals!