Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hodgepodge Wednesday

1. What is the most interesting thing you've done in the last year?  Just one [she whined]????  Holy moly! I've done some wonderful things this year, including watching the process of God bringing us into this new home. From start to finish, He orchestrated every detail, and it was very fascinating to watch!

2. What is your most meaningful family heirloom?  I have a lot of family heirlooms since I am a keeper of family history. I own an old family Bible from my mother's side. I own a wrought iron, tile-topped table from my paternal grandfather (he got the tiles in Bavaria after WWII). I own an autograph book from my paternal great-grandmother (she was about 15 when she received it). All of them - and many, many more -- are meaningful. I think, though, I will say that what is most meaningful during this time of my life is my great-grandmother's wedding ring, handed down to me from my mother.  It is engraved on the inside with the date and my great-grandparents' initials. My mother treasured it and so do I.

3. What food festival would you most like to attend? If you're not sure click here to see a list of possibilities.  Wow! There are a lot of possibilities!  I think since I'm very curious to visit the Channel Islands, I'd probably choose Tennerfest.

4. you love it or is it considered a four letter word where you live?  I love it until about mid-January. After that it is a four letter word served up with other unprintable adjectives.

5. Can you ski? Do you ski? Are you any good? I can ski but I don't enjoy it (consequently, I'm not any good).  I prefer cross country skiing to downhill any day.

6. What quality in your spouse or best friend are you most thankful for?  In my spouse, I am most thankful for his tenacity. He quite literally never gives up. I love him for that, because there are times when I'd be willing to throw in the towel on something and he will find a way to make it work. In my best friend (I know you said "or" but I love both of them!), it's her absolute loyalty.

7. Describe the coziest spot in your home.  In our old house it was the family room, by the fire. In the new house, I'm still deciding, but I really like our little TV room with the rug from Iraq and the new laz-y-boy loveseat.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  We have a new home which I just love! I feel completely at home -- in fact, I feel as though I have come home. The sequence of events that led us to this point is amazing and totally God. I am so very, very thankful!

Thanks to Joyce for hosting the weekly! 

- Catherine


Nanato4 said...

I loved your answers ... it's awesome how you have seen God's hand in your move.

If you have too much snow, you can always send some my way! ha!


VandyJ said...

I love to see it snow but along about April or even May here, I get a bit tired of it.

Joyce said...

So glad you're in and feeling settled and at home! I'm curious about the autograph it full of friends autographs or did she collect famous signatures?

auburnchick said...

Hi Catherine! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Your new home sounds wonderful!

I can't believe you have so many wonderful heirlooms! You are a very fortunate woman. Isn't it interesting how each generation adds to the previous ones? For the lucky few who keep things, such items become real treasures.

Expats Again said...

Many good wishes to you in your new home.