Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am continually appalled by our society’s general incivility.

And I’ve absolutely had it with the huge numbers of Christians who participate in that incivility on a daily basis. Please, people, while Jesus spoke forcibly and bluntly to the Pharisees, He had every right to do that – being that they were perverting His teachings and also because, well, He IS God after all.

Note that he didn’t run down anyone else. He spoke truthfully -- but without arrogance -- to even the lowest of the low, such as the tax collectors (who were master extortionists routinely preying on their fellow citizens).

As Christians, we have no business making other people – believers or non believers – feel small by our words or our attitude or our actions. And I’m not talking just about spiritual things. This would include that current hotbed of American emotion: politics. No matter which side you fall on, you give the lie to Christian humility if you are making fun or heaping scorn on people of the opposing viewpoint. Beware that arrogance because it is nothing but pride.

It is possible to make your point without being uncivil and demeaning another person (who is someone Christ died for, just as He died for you).

Okay, rant over. I ranted on incivility some months ago. It is still a very sore topic with me as I witness our culture – the Christian culture – going downhill at warp speed because of spiritual pride and arrogance.

- Catherine

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