Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fave Five

I have tried to resist trends in my blog -- simply for the sake of resisting trends and not for any other good reason (although refraining from mindless copycat work IS a good reason). But last week I took part for the first time in the Random Dozen meme that is put together over at 2nd Cup of Coffee, and in so doing, I discovered a community of nice people with interesting and intelligent things to say. I discovered, also, people who will hold you up in prayer if you need it.

And THAT, my friends, is golden.

I also discovered the reason for another trend known as "Friday Fave Five" -- wherein you publish a list of five good things from the week just past. In this day and age of being bombarded by the negative most of the time, it is a Very Good Thing -- for your own emotional health -- to regularly pause and compile a list of the positives.

So, here's mine:

1. The aforementioned discovery of a new (to me) community of people in the blog-o-sphere.

2. After a year of searching, we found the perfect chairs/bar stools for the “breakfast bar” section of our kitchen. The biggest problem to surmount was the price – I simply couldn’t bring myself to pay $200+ per chair, and all the styles that I liked were at least that much. Last night we found two that were deeply discounted on clearance and were just exactly what I’d been looking for. They swivel just a little, have nicely padded seats in a quality, neutral fabric, and the chair backs are wrought iron-style with an oval tile inlay. They were worth the wait. I’m so glad we happened upon the last that the furniture store had in stock and really, really wanted to move out of their inventory.

3. The Fall weather has arrived – I LOVE this time of year! The foliage color in the West isn’t as vibrant as it is in the East, but this is still a very beautiful time in the mountains.

4. We are going camping, just the three of us and the dog, one last weekend (leaving today). We won’t stray too far from home, heading for Lava Hot Springs about 30 minutes away. Cool weather, Fall foliage, and warm springs – can’t wait!

5. Found some creative inspiration within myself this week and am actually working up a few Christmas projects.

And... because there's always room to recount one more blessing:

6. Tim is finally recovering from his bout with the flu. We didn’t have an official diagnosis, but the symptoms and timing were completely typical for H1N1. Happily, he is making good progress now.

Have a great weekend!

- Catherine


Susan said...

Great list!! I played today too because I just needed to stop and count my blessings. It's important. Hope you're well and that you have a great time camping. Sounds wonderful!

Susanne said...

Welcome Catherine to Fave Five. I too am amazed at the community of nice people whom I've been put in touch with through blogging. It is golden!

So glad Tim is on the road to recovery.

I love hot springs! And the link to that one looks lovely. We're not campers but I see they have other lodging too.

We're in the west too, in Southern Alberta which makes you in Idaho almost a neighbor. And yes it is gorgeous here too in the fall. My favorite season.

Oh you are a go-getter. You've started on Christmas already.

Marg said...

Welcome to this FAVE Five. I had feelings similiar to you about copy catting...but this FAVE Five has made my whole jammed life so much easier, just focusing on the highlights. I'm happy to know that you have found blogging to be a special spiritual inspiration to you..It's met many of my goals.

Brenda said...

I love it when I find something I really want at a deeply discounted price. So fun. Have a great time packing!

elizabeth said...

So glad to get to meet you through the Friday Fave! Blogging is indeed so special and I enjoy finding my place in the blog world.

By the way, as I read down your list my eyes strayed a little left to the picture of Hank Williams Jr. That is truly an awesome photo of your dog! We are dog people too (a golden retriever) and I just love reading and seeing dogs on blogs.