Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fave Five

I really needed to do this particular exercise this week -- it does the soul good to reflect on the positive during a challenging time of life.

So, once again, in no particular order:

1. A job that allows me the flexibility to work from the road.
2. The prayers of so many people across the country, moving me forward both on the drive and through this very difficult time in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
3. The fact that when my mother's time here on earth ends, she will go home to be with her Lord and Savior.
4. My stepfather's niece and her husband, who are opening their home to me so that I can stay near my mother.
5. My wonderful husband, who is the most supportive human being on this planet.

And, for good measure:
6. Funny videos on YouTube -- like the video of the silent monks doing the Hallelujah Chorus. I nearly fell off my chair laughing. (Thank you, Pete, for sending it to me!)

- Catherine

1 comment:

Susanne said...

Catherine continueing to pray for you at this time. May God uphold you and keep you in the palm of His hand.

I love that youtube video too.