Thursday, February 4, 2010

A wee bit of snow and workout

With all due respect to my family and friends who are bracing for another major snowstorm in the Northeast.....

It snowed here last night. Just enough to be annoying and dangerous. It was so little, really, that I was able to sweep it off the front steps with a broom, but when I went out with the dog for our morning walk, I discovered treacherous sidewalks and streets. I waited patiently to cross at one corner and the driver courteously stopped for me -- AFTER he fishtailed from one side to the other in his effort to slow down from 25 m.p.h. to a full stop. A wee bit scary to watch him, but he eventually gave me a thumbs up to cross the street in front of him along with a cheerful smile!

I swept the sidewalk that leads to our front steps, and then, following city code, I cleared the sidewalk that fronts our house. I definitely increased my heart rate in the 20 minutes that it took me to perform the deed, which means that, coupled with my brisk walk, I've worked out for the day.

Hallelujah! I don't have to deal with the nice lady in the video until tomorrow.

Stay warm and dry, family and friends!

- Catherine


Susan said...

Wow...This is something I cannot even imagine. I've SEEN snow. I've been IN snow...but I've never really known the effects like sweeping the sidewalk and/or watching for fishtailing cars. I think I'm glad. :-)

Christy said...

Who's the lady in the video? And is she nice today because you didn't have to deal with her?!

Also, glad you didn't get hit by the fishtailing car!

Susanne said...

I love using shovelling and sweeping snow as my workout. I'd much rather be out there than inside with a lady from the tv yelling at me. LOL.