Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

As always, the Friday Fave Five is hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell -- thanks, Susanne!

Here are my five favorite things about this week:

1. Mother Nature responded to my fist shaking and gave us a beautiful evening yesterday and a beautiful morning today. Rain and snow are in the forcast for tomorrow. Just shoot me.  And we are very thankful for this morning's sun and will enjoy it while we have it.

2. Had coffee and a fun conversation last night with a friend. Along the way, we discovered a shared love of family history, which is truly wonderful to me -- too often I feel as though I'm an oddball among my friends because I find family history so very interesting.  It's really nice to find a "kindred spirit."

3. Finished two card making projects this week and sent them off in the mail.

4. Looking forward to a great evening with the girls tonight -- it's our church's annual February Fling, a night of games and fun finger food for the women. Can't wait!

5. Lovin' my new car. Well, it's new to us -- we only buy used cars, actually. I got a very nice trade-in amount on my old vehicle and am now happily driving my Ford Explorer. I feel more comfortable on the Interstate because it's larger than my old vehicle, and, with the much lower mileage of the Explorer (compared to my old RX300), I'm more at ease on the long drives to and from Salt Lake each week.

Have a great weekend!

- Catherine


Beth said...

I work with a school psychologist named Tim Giesbrecht... related?

We had a used Explorer and named it Dora the Explor-ah

Brenda said...

Have fun with your friends tonight, time with girlfriends is always so special!

Congrats on the *new* car

elizabeth said...

Your #1 made me giggle! I agree - time spent with friends is the BEST!

Joyce said...

We always buy used too and have had good luck with that.

Have a great evening...Sounds fun!

Laura said...

Kindred spirits are the best. I have four of those I'll see at a writers conference this week and I'm SO excited!

How was your girls night?

Have a great weekend.

Susanne said...

Hope you had a great night out at the Fling. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Your new to you car sounds awesome!

Finny said...

Aww, thanks Catherine! I truly enjoyed it, too.