Thursday, June 23, 2011

I finally have pictures!

Wanna see??

I thought you would!

These aren't the professional photographs yet, but they're pretty good candid shots.

Abbi's Dad and I walked our daughter down the aisle.

The groom's parents, Larry and Linda, walking down the aisle:

Abbi's stepfather (my Tim) escorted her stepmother, Robin, down the aisle:

Here's Abbi getting ready in the bride room:

Detail of the dress, with Great-Great-Great Aunt Florrie's brooch fastened to the middle of the flower:

Abbi has been a dancer since she was little, so there was plenty of dancing at this wedding, including the recessional and the entrance into the reception:

The family shot:

The food and decorations:

My personal favorite of all the pics so far because it perfectly expresses the carefree enthusiasm of the day:

I sang (and made it through without tears!). Tim and Robin read the Scripture readings. Bob (Abbi's dad) gave the blessing for the reception meal. Larry and Linda spoke about their son at the reception. And we finished the night by dancing our feet off. A great day! And one of the most fun weddings I've ever attended!

- Catherine


Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

It's the spontaneous shots that show the fun! GREAT pictures - i bet that little flower girl was awed by wearing a real long gown! Everything is so beautiful in these.

Christy said...

Love the pictures! And I love that you both walked her down the aisle - that seems right to me! What a beautiful, wonderful day!

abigail catherine said...

love you. xoxoxoxo

Joyce said...

Her dress is just gorgeous! So glad you all had a happy special day!

Angie said...

Aww. We just married our oldest daughter off on June 4th. Yours looked like a lovely day, as well.

I'm still enjoying the lazy days of summer. Recuperating from all the details of a wedding.

You looked lovely...the bride too, of course!