Monday, June 6, 2011

I can't even figure out how to start this blog post. It's meant to be a weekend update but I'm afraid my brain is still not willing to switch from weekend to Monday.

So I can't think very well.

Where was I?  Oh yes -- we had two days of absolutely glorious weather. I hit the Farmers Market early Saturday morning and then spent the rest of the day working around our yard.

Plants were purchased.

Plants were potted.

There can be no real garden until next year because we have too many other urgent tasks around the farm this year.  But the garden-to-be was roto-tilled, and Tim will work the soil well before we start gardening in earnest next summer. The plan is to till the soil twice this summer and mix in some good fertilizer so that we are up and running next summer.

But this Jersey girl couldn't resist just a few tomatoes. Thus, this year's garden comprises the following:

Exactly three tomato plants in big 5-gallon pots.

To put it in better context:

Behind the tomato plants is the vast expanse of what will be next summer's garden.

I also have fresh herbs growing in pots on a sunny bench at the edge of the woodland:

I cleared a  bit more of the thorn thicket that has been taking over the side of this property for the last umpteen years. I can't bear to take a picture of it because hours and hours and HOURS of effort thus far have resulted in a clearing of perhaps five feet by five feet. There are many, many more feet of densely tangled thorn branches yet to be cleared. This promises to be a years-long job, by my calculation. God only knows what I will unearth as I slowly clear it all away.

Yesterday we played softball and I actually hit the ball. I fouled out, but I did hit the ball. Major accomplishment, believe me!

And now, Monday awaits!

- Catherine

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Joyce said...

I admire your patience in gardening. I'd be so tempted to just start planting but you are smart to ready the soil. There is a life lesson in there somewhere I think : )