Friday, June 3, 2011

And we danced!

Pocatello summers are full of outdoor community activities, and a big favorite on Wednesday evenings is known as "Revive@Five." This is a free, open air concert held in Old Town, hosted by one particular (rotating) restaurant each week, and incorporating the Wednesday version of our semi-weekly Farmer's Market. Tons of people attend and the atmosphere is light and fun.

This past Wednesday, I took my 88 year-old aunt to Revive@Five. I am trying to make sure that she is involved in the greater Pocatello community as well as the more insulated community of her assisted living residence. Revive@Five features both music and food -- two of my aunt's favorite things -- so it seemed a natural fit.

We arrived shortly after five o'clock and set up our lawn chairs. The band was good -- very good, as a matter of fact. Their repertoire of new country as well as classic pop/rock songs was well-executed and full of crowd-pleasers. As they swung into "My Brown-Eyed Girl" my aunt turned to me and said, "let's dance!"

I laughed because I thought she was kidding.

She wasn't.

We made our way to the cement pad that serves as the dance floor on Wednesday nights. To my utter surprise, she began to move her feet in time with the music. Then followed a little shoulder action. Then a saucy little wag of the head. No wild movements, but she danced.

And danced.

And danced.

The only time she didn't dance was while she was eating her Greek Gyro (her first).

Two hours later, I took her home.

She beamed the whole way.

If I live to be 100, I will never forget the night I danced with Aunt Muriel in Old Town at Revive@Five.

And that saucy little wag of the head.

Who says you can't live a little in your twilight years?

- Catherine


bensrib said...

Cath, you are awesome. When I'm 88, can I come live with you and dance the nights away?

Catherine said...

Let's do it!