Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In which I am lame but excited.

I never remember to take my camera over to the new house to take pictures.

So I don't have any for you today.

I am lame.

I am also mucho-excited, though, because we should be moving in soon!  Tim has to finish plumbing the gas line and then lay the wood floor in the living room, and then we're all set!

The entire main floor has been painted a fresh, creamy yellow. The house feels open and sunny all the time and I love that so much!

I'll finish the last of the carpet cleaning (one more to go, after Tim is finished with the flooring project).  I'll also steam clean the family room's paneled walls.

And then I want to live in this lovely, serene setting.

And I never want to leave.

I'll try to remember the camera this weekend!

- Catherine

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