Sunday, August 8, 2010


We're back from our two weeks at the lake. I've decided that two weeks of vacation is heaven on earth -- one week to wind down and one week to recharge.  Absolutely lovely.

Here's where we were:

This was my main activity:

Also did some bird watching:

(that's one of a pair of Bald Eagles that live on the lake -- they are truly magnificent and I wish I could have captured a closer photo!)

We drove into Yellowstone National Park just to see Old Faithful:

Rented a boat so Hank could have a ride (Hank is a boatin' fool):

Did some more of my favorite activity:

Climbed a steep and very high ridge . . .

with Number 7 . . .

just so we could see another ridge on the other side:

(really, it was worth the climb -- the view was wonderful!)

Dear friends came up to visit us as did Tim's parents and sister. We had exactly three trips into civilization and one dizzyingly hot shower where the water was unlimited.

In general, we had a terrific two weeks!

- Catherine

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bensrib said...

Someday I'm going to come visit you on vacation there. It looks heavenly!