Friday, August 20, 2010

More photos of our house

The TV show "Extreme Makeover: The Home Edition" is in our neighborhood this week, believe it or not. They are building a brand new house for a woman who lives about a block and a half from us.  The hoopla is not to be believed.  Draconian security surrounds the production, spilling over to the neighbors (you need a pass to access your own home if your house is located in the secure area, which is a three-block radius on all sides of the production).

While the road and alley closings have been a bit inconvenient, there is one bonus: our alley is closed:

The alley runs along the side of our house, very much like a driveway except that it goes all the way through the middle of the block.  With the alley closed, we don't have to worry about keeping it clear of construction or deconstruction materials  -- actually quite a God-send, given the work at hand.

There was progress today on the deck, as you can see:

The frame now wraps around to the side of the house.

The roof, which was taken off on Tuesday night:

 . . . has been sheeted and is almost ready for shingles:

The shingles were delivered late this afternoon and are sitting on the (closed) sidewalk:

As a teaser, here's a picture of what will be my front yard at the new house:

 Stay tuned!

- Catherine


Joyce said...

It's fun to see your progress...I'm sure you're excited to have all the work completed. Have a great weekend!

Christy said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see more pictures.