Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surreal and a little bit funny

Today I emailed my mother's her, at her request. You see, the Uber-Planner wants everything ready in an envelope so that no one has to fuss about any of her funeral arrangements. That includes the obit, which I insisted on writing because, well, that's what I do.

I carefully included the many aspects of her life -- church, local politics, local service, work, etc., but without being maudlin (the phrase "asleep in the arms of Jesus" does not appear in her obit). I have a horror of the obituary style that seems to be so prevalent today -- where superlative adjectives are used to describe the deceased and every aspect of his/her life. E.g. "Hephzebah was a fantastic mother to fourteen perfect children and a doting grandmother to her fifty eight wonderful grandkids." I did use the adjective "accomplished" when I described her musical activities -- but that's because it's an accurate assessment of my mother's skill and talent. The rest of the obit is as straightforward as my mother. Fitting.

I did leave out the part where she skipped high school to go see "Gone With the Wind" and her eldest sister forged her absentee note. I thought that was a judicious call on my part.

We'll see what Mom thinks.

Surreal. And a little bit funny.

By the way, Mom is still feeling really good with the herbal supplements she's currently taking. Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for her -- it's still a terminal situation, even though the herbs are making her more comfortable right now.

- Catherine


bensrib said...

Judicious indeed. If she doesn't appreciate it, at least your kids will.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

I'm so glad the herbal regimen is helping her enjoy life! In re: Gone with the Wind -- i recall my mom saying that the film was a big positive deal (this was in small town NC) because it was so sympathetic to the post-bellum south, but that the kids needed permission slips from their parents, to go see it, because of that controversial use of the D word at the end!

Catherine said...

Karen, I don't think I've ever told Abbi that story about her grandmother -- I think I have to do that soon.

Ruth -- GWTW was a HUGE deal when it came to the city of Newark, NJ (whatever year that was -- Mom just said "high school" as the point of reference). It was the only time she skipped school in her whole life.