Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home Stretch

Home stretch - just two more days to go after this one. (And today is a 1/2 day for the participants, so it is very quiet in the conference center this afternoon.)

Bad hair day for me, and I slept poorly last night -- so I've got a baseball cap crammed on my head and comfy sneakers on my feet. Will try to be more fashionable for the next two days.

We're expecting very high temperatures for the weekend, which will make our load-out day on Saturday rather miserable. It seems like just yesterday that we were loading in all our equipment and supplies -- and now we're about to load out! There's an eerie quiet that descends on the conference center on the day we load out. We don't even turn on all the lights, so it's like another world from the bustling center of activity that it is for three weeks each summer.

Looking forward, we'll be camping in Montana soon, and then my daughter will be home for a visit, and then this daughter will probably make a visit to her own mother (in the dog days of August, no less -- that's how much I love you, Mom!).

- Catherine

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