Thursday, July 23, 2009


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I had a good laugh with my mother about the day she skipped school to see Gone With the Wind. They were seniors that year, and she and a friend bugged out early (right after lunch) without permission. Mom said it was a miracle they got out -- because the movie was in town and was so very popular, there were extra precautions being taken at school to prevent kids from leaving early. But Mom and her friend were exemplary students and so they either didn't fall under suspicion or the teachers looked the other way.

Her eldest sister wrote her a "sick" note to take in the next day, forging their mother's signature.

My mom ran into her "partner in crime" at their 50th Reunion several years ago -- their first meeting since high school. The very first thing this woman said to my mother is that she vividly remembered the day they ditched school to go see GWtW! AND -- she'd never told her children about it!

- Catherine


Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

I'll add an addendum to my previous GWtW comment, because i asked my mom about it, to make sure i had the facts straight, and it shows a real difference between the northern and the southern experience -- not only were they encouraged to see it, but they were encouraged by the school, to skip school to see it. Seriously. The school was the entity that required the parental permission slip, for the "D" word, but with that, kids were encouraged to go, on school time. As my mom says, "We had some pro-southern teachers." It really was considered educational!

Catherine said...

Oh, wow! Definitely a difference in culture.