Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm wishing there was some way to save the 'rank and file' jobs that will be going down when GM goes down. But at the same time, where has GM corporate leadership been all these years???

It IS possible to make cars that don't blow out at 100K miles, but the corporate Big Three, for the most part, refused to do so. Which only encouraged budget-conscious folks to buy Japanese so we'd get a car that would go the distance and not bust the budget with costly major repairs. (Yes, I'm talking generalities here -- and I know there are anomalies.)

So, part of me is cheering like mad that corporate GM has to eat crow. And part of me is saddened beyond belief for the workers who will end up on unemployment. How I wish there were some easy answers here!


Christy said...

No easy answers for this one. It's beyond sad.

Catherine said...

Yes, it is.