Saturday, June 6, 2009

Le weekend

Back in 1974, my high school French teacher insisted that Americanisms were creeping into the French language and that "le weekend" had become a legitimate phrase. I've no idea if that is true.

But, here is it at last, legitimately phrased in French or not: le weekend!

My to-do list is for creative projects today, which beats tedious household chores anytime!

My husband, Tim, built a garden bench for me last week after I couldn't find one that I wanted to buy. All I've seen for purchase here in our town are those pseudo-British Victorian-style park benches with lots of wrought iron, or very rustic, massive, Western-themed benches. Neither suits our yard or the architecture of our house. I wanted a simple bench, similar to what had been in our yard when I was a kid (my brother and I each had our own bench, which sat at the edge of the trees bordering the house's side yard). After looking at a merchandising display at a local garden store, I realized that what I wanted was a basic picnic-table bench with a very slightly reclined back. In other words, a couple of wide boards for the seat and a couple more boards for the back (set at an angle so that you're not forced to sit bolt upright).

Tim created exactly what I was looking for, and today I get to paint it. Any color that I want. This is important because Tim is one of those people who thinks that anything and everything made out of wood should be stained, not painted. We differ on that outlook of decor, to put it mildly, and since this bench is mine, I've claimed the right to paint. I want some kind of faux finish on it, though, so I'll be experimenting on scrap wood while the primer coat dries on the bench itself. Tim looked at me like I had three heads when I mentioned that I was going to try for a faux finish on a bench that would sit outside in the yard. But no matter....

Later on today, I'll finish the little pillows that I need for my dining room chairs (we reupholstered the chairs a few months ago, and, while they look better, they still lack a certain punch -- I think these little pillows will fill the bill nicely).

My son has an activity at church this afternoon, and my husband is spending the day helping some friends with a construction project, so I will have the house to myself most of the day. That means I can play my piano and work on music without disturbing anyone -- so that will be on the to-do list as well!

Hope your Saturday is great!


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