Thursday, June 25, 2009

The news from condo 632

Well, we had four days of sunshine, and glorious it was! This evening the rain has returned, but I'm hopeful that the normal weather pattern of short mountain squalls is all we're dealing with. We'll see what the morning brings.

We are three days away from the start of our summer conference. We expect 288 people to be residing in-house the first week, 283 the second week, and 267 the third week. Most of those folks are staying for the entire three weeks, but a good 50 or so are in and out for one-week or two-week stays. We've had a few last minute changes, necessitating some quick thinking on the part of my staff, but we are ready.

Actually, "prep week" has gone surprisingly well so far (and I say that while knocking on wood, believe me).

My mother is feeling well right now and the bleeding has not returned. She's reading her way through a massive stack of books and bemoaning the fate of her drowned plants (they had as much rain as we did!).

Hank is having a good time at "Puppy Summer Camp" (the home of my nephew and his family). Three other dogs and three cats to play with -- plus children to sleep with at night. Hank's having a great time!

A few of our kids might travel down to see us this weekend. We miss them all, and we especially miss our youngest (age 13). But we have to be patient until we see him again later in July. He's enjoying his time with his Mom right now, and he will be going on a mission trip to Mexico for 10 days in July.

Our daughter in Korea is looking forward to her month in the States, starting July 21. I can't wait to see her in August!

Tonight is another NCIS marathon -- we love NCIS, even in reruns!

That's what's up with us right now.

- Cath

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