Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No particular focus -- just continuing to be random...

Springtime in the Rockies is a truly beautiful process. Everything is greening up nicely, and after the drab brown of the long winter, it is a glorious sight! I’m itching to plant flowers, but it’s too early; we could still have freezing temps at night, thus I am patiently waiting until Memorial Day weekend. And then…. we will have a planting marathon of 125+ geranium plants in the flower beds plus all the lovely things I’m going to put in my deck planters this year. Yay!

I took my friend’s advice and cut the remaining tulips after the Unintended Tulip Massacre last weekend. The blooms are nearly spent, but they still make a cheerful display in a vase on my deck.

This weekend Tim and I will be involved in the annual “Prison Invasion” with the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Upwards of 50 or so CMA’ers will visit the minimum security facility of the State Prison, where we will bring a whole lot of cool motorcycles, some Christian music, and the Gospel message. This will be the fourth year that Tim and I have been involved, and it is an amazing experience every time. I sing and play keyboard with the band, and Tim is the sound technician. There is always serious spiritual warfare going on around this ministry, given the venue -- so if you are a prayer warrior, please keep us in your prayers through Sunday. There are desperate souls inside who need to hear the message of God’s love and mercy, and Satan is equally desperate to make sure they don’t hear it.

Yesterday I got to have a mocha and a chat down at the local coffee shop with one of my daughters. Thoroughly enjoyed that time! Watching your adult children grow and move through their lives can be hair-raising in ways that I never imagined, but there are amazing compensations that God provides for us at the same time – like a mocha and a chat.



Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Somehow, from the way you describe life in the Rockies, the length of time the cold weather hangs on doesn't sound bad at all. This sounds like a beautiful place.

I once - and only once!- went with a group to do a jail outreach and, o my! I felt almost an anxiety attack, could not wait to get out. There definitely is a feeling in there of horrific negative forces and desperation. All the more reason to go in and bring a sprig of hope, and i'll remember that and put yall in prayers this weekend.

Catherine said...

Thanks, Ruth! Any and all prayers appreciated!

I'll be posting pics of our yard and stuff after Memorial Day.