Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's try for something positive

Okay, here are some positive things:

>> Apple Cider Vinegar. I started using it for my gall bladder problem and my stomach is definitely improved. Also, my hot flashes have decreased and the dermatitis on my hands is going away. ACV seems to be good for whatever ails you. Google it! I'm using 2-3 Tablespoons per day (in divided doses), sweetened with an equal amount of honey and diluted with plenty of water. I sip it throughout the day and find that it tastes like a tart apple cider. I'm guessing the effect of ACV has something to do with the ph of your body chemistry, but I'm no scientist. I can only say that I like it, and I like the results!

>> Haan Steam Mop. My Haan has changed the way I clean my house and it is nothing short of amazing. No more chemicals on my floors, which is good for our allergies and environment, and my wood floors haven't looked this good in years (no more dull finish). After I steam clean my kitchen floor, I can walk across it in white socks and not pick up any residual stickiness, dirt, or chemical. Nice. Before purchasing the steam mop, I checked the Internet for product reviews -- that's why I spent the money on the Haan. And I do not regret it.

>> Spring planting this weekend - I can't wait. I love our deck and I'm ready to liven it up with color for the summer!

>> Family history fun -- I've found a few VERY distant cousins through my genealogy work (you know, like fourth cousins, once removed). Interesting to see how families spread out over the generations. I have a copy of photographs of my great-great-aunt Lydia and her husband, Charles -- and I've just been informed that the original of those photos is hanging in the home of someone in Minnesota (who is descended through Charles, so not actually related to me). Interesting stuff.




bensrib said...

After my oldest daughter spent a month in Cuba (and the government wouldn't give them their water filter) she came home with an intestinal parasite. Not wanting to subject her to all kinds of terrible drugs, we used the ACV/honey/water mix for two solid weeks (we had figured out the life cycle of the parasite and knew two weeks would kill it). She was cured.

My hot flashes have begun to diminish on their own. I'm in a wait-and-see mode.

Catherine said...

I'd read that that on one of the ACV websites, but it seemed so hard to believe that a food could kill a parasite. All I can say is WOW! That's amazing!