Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Some random stuff:

When you reach our age, you have to take assistance when it is offered. Darren offered to prune our trees today, and this is a job we can no longer do ourselves, so the pruning was done. Unfortunately, it was done at the cost of my beautiful tulips. If you look on my Facebook page, you can see cell phone photographs of the Unintended Tulip Massacre. Oh well – the trees are pruned and that’s what was needed. A friend suggested that I get out a vase and cut the remaining tulips. Good idea!

Cowhide leather ladies garden gloves are, without doubt, the best piece of gardening equipment I own. Amazing! Worth every penny I spent on them (not that much, really, but certainly more expensive than regular garden gloves). I did two days of major yard work with nary a callous, blister or splinter in sight.

My arms broke out in a rash because I wore short sleeves while clearing brush and clippings yesterday. What fun. Back to long sleeves when digging in the bushes and leaves.

Tim took me to lunch today, which was really fun. Our Ruby Tuesday had some definite start-up problems when they first opened last Fall – slow kitchen and hit-or-miss food – but the service has always been good and now the food is, too. Plus, there is not another salad bar in Pocatello that is as good as our Ruby Tuesday’s. And the staff person who monitors and replenishes that salad bar is a real treasure. He’s friendly without being over the top, and he clearly takes great pride in his work. The salad bar items are super fresh and the bar and dishes are beautifully maintained. What a pleasure! I hope they pay him VERY well. He’s worth it.

I’m thankful that my mother is still alive for this Mother’s Day. I don’t know what next year will bring, so I’m treasuring each day that she’s still in my life. Rather than send flowers, I sent her a present this year – a mystery book entitled “Maisie Dobbs” – which I think she’ll really enjoy.

My daughter sent me a beautiful arrangement of roses and daisies situated in a pink teacup. When the flowers are gone, I’ll still have this beautiful China teacup to remind me of my beautiful daughter. I like that.

And now, it’s evening and I’m done. Time to put my feet up and enjoy our serene and green yard.


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