Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Travels with Catherine

Here we go again.

Getting to DC was a nightmare -- of re-routing, weather delays and mechanical delays. 16 hours, one $400 travel voucher, and 2,000 bonus miles later, I finally got to DC. And now, on the eve of my scheduled return home, I’ve just discovered that the airline somehow dropped my return trip from the system!

I am on the phone right now trying to reinstate the flights of the original itinerary. Apparently when they rerouted me on the outbound itinerary (from home to DC), they dropped the rest of the trip. Hel-lo?!

I’m on hold. I’ve been on hold for a long time now. The representative came on a few minutes ago to assure me that they are taking care of it and that it will only be a few more minutes while they get it back in the system.

She just came back on again to ask about my address -- apparently they couldn't make sense of it. No wonder. They had the zip code of my old condo in Bountiful and the street address of my office in Salt Lake City. The real pity is that over a year ago I changed the address for my account to my Pocatello home address. How they ended up with such a mess in their system is beyond me. When I told the rep that I'd changed my address over a year ago, her response was "you must have done that online." Well..... if online is my only resource for making a change of address, why doesn't it translate through the rest of their system? Hel-lo?!

What the....?


Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

You need your own lear Jet!!

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