Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Family Wiki

One of the effects of reconnecting with cousins is a renewed interest in my family of origin. I know a lot about them already, but obviously there is much more that I don't know.

My cousin, Sarah, and I have traded a few stories about our grandfather, and in the course of our catching up, we decided it would be good to have a website where everyone could contribute their memories and stories and facts about the family that we come from (my grandfather was one of seven children).

So, I started a wiki for the family. Each of the seven siblings (i.e. my grandfather's siblings) will have a page, as will the couple that all of us have in common -- my great-grandparents. We all have access to edit the wiki pages and add what we know about the various family members from whom we are descended.

Sarah's mom, my Aunt Jan, contributed some interesting stuff today -- including one important fact that I never knew: my grandmother had a brother! I thought there were just the three sisters (she being the eldest), and I do not EVER remember hearing about an Uncle Ernest!

This blows me away. In theory, I should have known this man, as I knew my grandmother's sisters, but he may very well have died before I was born. I'm hoping my Aunt Jan will write more on the wiki and fill in that gap.

And I'm really hoping that more family members will contribute what they know because I think this promises to be a very interesting exercise for all of us!

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