Monday, January 19, 2009

Horses, milestones, and tombstones

I don’t know where time is going these days, but it’s astounding to me that 10 days have gone by without my posting another entry in my blog.

We spent the weekend at a two-day horse training workshop -- my husband, my youngest, our nephew and his daughter, and a dear friend who’s as nuts about horses as we are. It was an excellent clinic done by Clinton Anderson. Without doubt he is the best teacher I’ve heard yet when it comes to explaining how to effectively work with your horse. He’s also very generous with his knowledge and his experience -- and even with his merchandise (a lot of very valuable prizes were given away during the workshop). Many famous horse trainers use their tours as nothing more than an advertisement to get you to buy their very high-priced club memberships and DVDs. While Anderson’s DVDs aren’t exactly cheap, most of his merchandise is actually moderately priced, and he really does teach you a great deal in the course of the workshop itself. I’ve come away from other horse training workshops feeling inspired – I came away from Anderson’s feeling like I really know something about working my horse. Big difference. And I can’t wait to try it out.

My husband purchased one of the Clinton Anderson DVDs as a gift for me, which is great. But you should know that Tim is still trying to worm his way back into my good graces after the debacle of my 50th Birthday party. The story is this: My June birthday usually passes with little fanfare since it is a hectic time in my work year. When my daughter, Abbi, came home from Korea last August, I naturally planned a party for everyone to come over and visit with her before she headed back for her second year of teaching English. Unbeknownst to me, Tim decided that this event would also be my 50th birthday party. Only problem – I did all the planning and buying, and I did most of the food preparation. When Tim stood up to give thanks to God before the meal, he suddenly revealed that this was my 50th birthday party. That was news to me, and also news to a few of Tim’s kids that he’d forgotten to notify (they were at the party but didn’t know about the intended surprise).

Let me say here and now that I had a great time at my party and that my husband said very nice things about me. I love Tim dearly – he’s a very good man. But, as a point of wifely honor, I have yet to let him forget that I catered my own 50th birthday party, in stark contrast to his, which was quite an extravaganza arranged by li’l ole me. I told him that I was going to put it on his tombstone for all to see: Here lies Tim, who let his wife arrange and cater her own 50th birthday party.

I have to say, the Clinton Anderson DVD was an inspired attempt by my husband to get back on track. It’s something that I definitely wanted – and also something that Tim and I will be able to share. All to the good.

Maybe I’ll let him off the hook in a year or so. We’ll see……

In the meantime, my horses are going to love this.

- Catherine

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Sara said...

I had to laugh when I read about your 50th birthday party that YOU ended up catering!! At least your hubby did something for you, even though it was a couple of months after the fact. My 50th passed without so much as a birthday card from Steve. It's not like he could forget MY birthday, since HIS 50th was 12 days before mine! (He got family dinner, cake, gift, the whole 9 yds.!!) But his biggest blunder was bringing home a guitar for HIMSELF on my 50th! I haven't let him forget it, either! I tell him every year now 'do NOT buy a guitar for yourself on MY birthday'! The next year he made up for it by buying me a beautiful anniversary ring for our 30th, (our anniversary and my birthday are only 3 days apart. What was I thinking when I picked that date????)with 5 diamonds. Last June, he once again gave me nothing but a card. But, it's fine...I will get MY revenge this June 7th! NO card, NO gift, NO dinner, NO cake and maybe he'll see how rotten it feels! Thanks for listening to my rant!!