Saturday, January 31, 2009


It's Saturday and my to-do list is much longer than I'd like it to be. How's yours?

I'm still waking up on East Coast time, which actually isn't a bad thing because it does give me a couple of hours of peace and quiet before the day really begins. Of course, it means I'm dead tired by 9:00 at night, but there are always trade-offs, I guess. I enjoy the stillness of the house before everyone else gets up, I must say; it gives me a chance to get myself oriented for the day.

Today's list includes vacuuming, steam cleaning the floors, making a batch of tomato sauce, making gluten-free pizza for dinner, baking a gluten-free chocolate cake, and the domestic equivalent of "all other duties as assigned." In this case, both the "assignor" and the "assignee" of those duties would be.... me. (Except, if I see my hubby looking like he needs something to do, I'll happily assign him something from my list.)

This weekend is a brief respite of nesting in the midst of a busy work and travel schedule. Tomorrow we'll be going out to watch the Super Bowl, but otherwise, I intend to be At Home. The kitchen will smell marvelous with the tomato sauce slowly simmering in the oven, and the family room fire will be roaring. We won't even notice the 10 degree weather outside -- well, except for when the dog insists on his daily walks and playtime.

I'm still thinking over and processing my recent visit with my cousin, Sarah, and I'll be posting that blog entry pretty soon.

Happy weekend to all!

- Catherine

UPDATE Saturday night: got it all done! My floors are so clean you could eat off of them. The chocolate cake was so amazing that we ate an enormous portion of it tonight -- so a much smaller portion than anticipated will be going to the Super Bowl party tomorrow. All of tonight's dinner was gluten free -- the pizza and the cake -- and it was all wonderful, if I do say so myself (and I do). Ta da!

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