Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yesterday I wrote a brief entry announcing the passing of my friends’ son, Ben.

Ben’s mother, Carin, kept a journal on the site – a free website service that gives people in the Towne’s situation the opportunity to keep loved ones and friends informed. The site contains a guest book feature, a journal feature, and space for photographs. Carin and Jeff made good use of this wonderful website during their 18 months’ ordeal.

I’ve been reading parts of the guest book and have been struck over and over again by the outpouring – the absolute flood – of compassion from people who do not know the Towne family. So many entries start out “You don’t know me, but….” And so many of those entries contain eloquent expressions of sympathy for, and empathy with, the Towne family.

It renews my faith in humankind.

Carin and Jeff are in a very difficult place in their life journey. Ben spent nearly half of his short life battling neuroblastoma; the ups and downs of his ordeal can be found in his mother’s journal on the CaringBridge site. Understandably, the doubts and fears of his parents can be found there, too. It’s a heartbreaking read, but I highly recommend it. Read the guestbook, too. More than 5,000 expressions of encouragement, comfort, and sympathy have been logged since the summer of 2007. A flood.


The Tysor's said...

Hey Cath...I wanted to read the journal, but it says its a restricted site...
My prayers are with Carin & Jeff.

Catherine said...


Or maybe you have to join (membership is free). I think that might be the case. It's worth the read, believe me.