Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another milestone

One of my mother's two remaining sisters finally passed away yesterday. I say "finally" because Viv had been dying by inches for the last couple of years.

In common with many of her day, she started smoking cigarettes around the age of 13. She continued to smoke heavily until the day she could no longer inhale enough breath to be able to take a drag (well into her 70s). That's a lot of nicotine and tar, folks, and the resulting respiratory problems and the final battle with COPD were awful.

Having to fight for every breath you take is a very frightening way to live. I'm glad she no longer bears that terrible burden.

- Catherine


Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

A relief and a blessing for her -- but, i'd imagine, a sad loss for the one who is left. Wishing blessing on your family!

Joyce said...

Sorry for your loss...((Catherine)).

Nanato4 said...

Oh Catherine. {{hug}} I'm so sorry for your loss.

It is, as you said, a frightening way to live ... and to die. My mom smoked for more years than I could count, but in the mid 70's she stopped cold turkey. 30 years later, she was diagnosed with COPD. Three years after that, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. A year later she was gone.

Thankfully your aunt has been spared any more of that terrible burden.