Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday

1. April rolls in at the end of this week and in celebration of that infamous date (April 1st) answer this question-What is something foolish you've done? Just one? This is hard, because some foolish things I've done have hurt people while some foolish things I've done have just been funny. I tend to forget the latter. And I remain, in some cases, deeply embarrassed by the former. So I think I will just conclude here by reiterating: Just one??

2. With April comes Easter and that classic edible treat known as tell me...what's your favorite way to fix/eat chicken? That wasn't what you were expecting, was it? I 'fooled' you. teehee. Roasted whole chicken with garlic and rosemary rubbed under and over the skin. It's a little bit of heaven on earth while cooking and again while eating. And for the record, dear readers -- I think I'm one of the few people in America who really cannot abide the taste or texture of Peeps! (see #8)

3. What's the best museum you've ever visited? Or your favorite? Or the one you'd most like to visit? The many museums of the Smithsonian in Washington DC are incredible. I especially love Air and Space, the Natural History museum, and the American History museum.

4. You know what they say about April showers...what's your preference-a shower or a bath? While I enjoy the occasional bath, I'm mostly a shower girl. There is something soothing about hot water flowing downward from your head to your feet.

5. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"...fact or fiction? Why? I'm afraid I could write a book here. For two hearts that are in tune with each other, absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Every time I'm away, I miss my hubby terribly! But for two hearts that are showing the strain of unresolved problems, absence can be the catalyst for divorce.

6. What's your favorite product made/grown in your home state/province? I'm from New Jersey, and there are two fruits you cannot find better anywhere else:  1) STRAWBERRIES! Nothing beats a New Jersey strawberry, picked freshly off the vine and still warm from the sun. 2) TOMATOES! The soil in NJ is particularly well suited for them, and again -- freshly picked and eaten, they are incredible.  Note: I grew up on my grandfather's farm -- strawberries and tomatoes were annual crops and all we had to do was walk out of the house and pick to our hearts content. Thanks, Grandpop!!

7. What is going on in the world today that affects you the most? The insane and uncalled-for rise in oil prices. No way is it necessary for the price of crude to jump just because of the financial headlines or because summer is coming. Yet that is what happens. I wish the U.S. Government would take some action! There is oil to be found in North America, for pete's sake.  And I wish the American people would look carefully at the profit and loss statements of the big companies like Exxon-Mobil. They are making an absolute fortune (billions of dollars) while our personal budgets are strained to the max.  And that's my rant for the day, folks.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  Randomly speaking, my mother surprised me many, many years ago by admitting she absolutely LOVED Peeps. I could never fathom it because her sweet tooth wasn't all that dominant and Peeps are incredibly sweet. But, to each his/her own. It was one of the things about her that amused me during her last years.
Thank you, Joyce, for another round of great questions!
- Catherine


Expats Again said...

Strawberries and tomatoes, two of my fav foods!

Nanato4 said...

I'm another one of the few who can't abide Peeps. But I'm not one who cares for overly sweet treats. ;-)

Joyce said...

I almost said tomatoes but went with Jersey corn instead. I cannot wait for summer if only this snow would melt!

Have a great day!

Michelle said...

I plan to make roasted whole chicken this week. I've only attempted this a couple times, wonder how it will turn out.

I agree, there is something soothing about hot water flowing down from your head to your feet.