Friday, March 18, 2011

Five Things

It's Friday (I have a talent for stating the obvious, don't I?). 

I haven't ranted in my blog since Monday, although I'm still feeling extremely snarky about the current political crap in the world.

A full week of feeling snarky is enough, however, so I will concentrate today on five good things about the week that is past.

And that's what you, dear reader, are getting today.

Five Good Things (none of which is political, unsurprisingly):

1. My body is healing nicely after last week's emergency surgery. The dressings are off the incisions and the incisions are starting to itch -- a good sign.

2. I'm enjoying my time with my daughter (Number 4). We've worked on crafts together, cooked together, and just had our usual goofy time hanging out together.

3. Grandbaby #9 was delivered safe and sound. (A boy, 6.6 lbs, 19+ inches.)  Everything is going well with Grandbaby #10, due in June. And we've just learned that Grandbaby #11 is due later this year! I foresee our own sports franchise here.

4. We've had a short string of dry, spring-like weather and it has been balm for the soul as well as the earth. The horses are kicking up their heels in the pasture and the dogs have begun to run off their winter fat with endless games of "Fetch" and "Keep Away." Best of all is the return of sweet, early morning birdsong, THE most cheerful sound on earth!

5. Charley, at five months old, is as big as Hank. And still growing. That's not the good part. The good part is that he is growing quieter, and he understands and minds us better now. Life in the house is a bit less frenetic, thank goodness! Now if we could just teach him to bark in an "inside voice" ...

Happy weekend to all, and may Spring find you soon, if it hasn't already!

- Catherine

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