Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's weekend agenda(s)

  • 1) work all day on Friday 
  • 2) and all day on Saturday
  • 3) eat yummy food Saturday night with project leadership and staff (I'm staff)
  • 4) work Sunday afternoon and Monday

Hubby and Number 7: 
  • 1) drive to city to meet up with Catherine on Friday night and stay in nice hotel
  • 2) play all day on Saturday, including at least one movie and other miscellaneous fun stuff in the city that have nothing to do with anyone's work
  • 3) eat yummy food Saturday night with Catherine and her group
  • 4) drive home after leisurely Sunday breakfast to resume normal life

Not a rose in sight.

What is WRONG with this scenario???

- Catherine


Joyce said...

What is wrong with this scenario? Well, for starters...all that work! : ) Glad you'll have a bit of company though!

bensrib said...

I don't know, but it looks like mine. *sigh*